I love using photography and narrative to showcase the best of LA Food Culture.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, a city full of culture and diversity that continues to grow.  It is in LA where I have grown a passion for food and an appreciation of different cultures.  With new restaurants opening every week and cooking up flavors from around the world, the LA culinary landscape is more exciting than ever.   

In the Stories, I share  my experiences in Los Angeles in hopes to encourage others to explore LA and celebrate the city's diverse food scene.  I I hope you enjoy this photographic journal  as much as I have had in experiencing and capturing them.


I am always looking to collaborate, so feel free to reach out:

For small businesses and restaurants, I'd love to offer photographs and content creation that further portray your story and brand. 

For journalists, bloggers, and editorials, I'd love to collaborate and create content in the effort of showcasing the food culture that surrounds us. 

For local foodies and anyone with an appetite, I'd love to grab a bite together or recommend places that represent the delicious food of LA!


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Patrick Manalo