A Weekend in Boston

A Weekend in Boston

Ah Boston, a city filled with history tied to the founding of its nation, charming New England neighborhoods, world-known colleges and universities, and... a bunch of Dunkin' Donuts? Boston is a dynamic city such that there is a thriving young and modern culture with a historical charm that will always be preserved.  This makes Boston a destination for everyone, whether you are a history buff, sports fan, museum goer, or foodie!  I only had less than 48 hours in this city, so here's a little recap on how I've spent the weekend in Boston.  

Beacon Hill

Brick facades of New England colonial architecture along narrow brick walkways.  Beacon Hill is one of Boston's most charming and picturesque neighborhoods.  I started my day with an early morning stroll around the neighborhood, only passing by a few early risers while others are still nestled in. The peaceful vibe made it so easy to enjoy the quaint beauty of Beacon Hill. 


Tatte Bakery & Cafe

After strolling along the brick roadways, we connected back to the main road and stumbled upon the bustling Tatte Bakery & Cafe.  This is a famous Boston bakery with several locations throughout town.  There are so many different baked goods that it displays the true creativity behind this bakery.  Yet the commonality behind each good I've tried is that it makes me feel right at home.  It is no wonder that the streets of Beacon Hill were so quiet, as this bakery truly resonates a local's home away from home. 


Faneuil Hall & Quincy Market

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a popular tourist destination (and even local destination) for a good reason: you can walk around, shop, eat, and explore a bit of Boston all in one place.  Faneuil Hall is one of the stops along Boston's famous "Freedom Trail," which is a 2.5 mile self-guided trail that takes you through the city's main historical sites.  A must-see for this area is the Quincy Market, which is a long hall filled with dozens upon dozens of food vendors and store booths.  For a hint of local New England flavor, grab a classic New England Clam Chowder and Lobster Roll and enjoy it outside as you catch street performers, people watch, and take in the Boston atmosphere. 


Wandering Around Town

I often find that the best way to experience a new town is to simply choose a general area and just wander around.  The beauty of walking around aimlessly is that you will start noticing little details of the town and will get a sense of the local culture.  As a lover of food, I truly appreciated scenes of locals interacting each other at the farmers market or running into a variety of small food businesses to get a sense of the diversity within the Boston community.  Boston can be easily explored by foot, and "the T," which is Boston's subway system, makes it easy to connect to all neighborhoods of the city.  


Mike's Pastry

A trip to Boston is not complete until you've tried a rich and creamy handmade cannoli at the popular Mike's Pastry.  Boston is home to a large Italian-American population, and the Italian-American influence is seen all over the streets of Boston's North End.  Countless Italian restaurants fill every narrow block of the North End neighborhood.  The true treasure of this neighborhood is Mike's Pastry, a pastry shop founded by an Italian immigrant in the 1950s and has since perfected the delectable cannoli: a creamy and silky ricotta filling that is filled in a crispy shell.  These cannolis come in dozens of different flavors that anyone can find the flavor they're craving. 


Boston Commons & Public Garden

The Boston Commons & Public Garden was the last but certainly not least stop of the day.  This area was both the most lively and the most relaxing destination of the trip.  The park was full of life with people taking leisure afternoon strolls, college students pacing between places, locals walking dogs, food vendors making rounds, and street performers adding energy to the atmosphere.  Yet, the scene of the commons and the public garden had a serenity amidst the Bostonian life.  


Boston is truly a destination for anyone of any interest.  The mix of the historical charm and the urban atmosphere makes this city so diverse yet so connected in a mysterious way.  Boston, I will come back for you :)

Cheers and happy travels!