January Week 2

Weekend Wanderings

Jan. Wk 2 - 2018

I absolutely live for the weekends.  Once the office clock strikes 5pm on a Friday, I jump into my car and race off to whatever weekend activities are ahead of me.  Some may call me a weekend warrior - not in a sense of immediately overindulging on drinks and irresponsibility (although I do have my moments.. don't we all?). My weekends are 2-3 days of pure me time, whether that is working on personal projects, stuffing my face full of food, pouring few too many bottles of wine with friends, spending a lazy Sunday with the family, or binge watching Chef's Table on Netflix. 

I created Weekend Wanderings to share with you all a glimpse of my everyday life, that is more personal than my collections of restaurant reviews or city guides. Hope you enjoy these personal memoirs!


Tustin | Orange County


Ah yes, it was a Friday night but was also one of those frigid cold Southern California winter nights with an extreme low of 65 degrees. You know what that means? Soup weather. Nothing is more warming and more comforting than a bowl of soup on a cold day.  I mean really... who doesn't like some hot steamy stuff on a Friday night? And where can you get all the action? No place other than Habuya in Tustin. 

Wait what.. Tustin?  Yes, Tustin isn't highly regarded as a foodie destination, but there are a few hidden gems like Habuya that will blow you away.  This super low-key spot tucked right behind a Stater Brothers has some of the best casual Japanese-Okinawan dishes in all of the OC.  My friend and I both opted for the Habuya Pork Belly Soba.  The noodles were AMAZING. If udon and ramen noodles had a love child, it would be Habuya's handmade soba noodles. It had the firmness of a ramen noodle and the chewiness of an udon noodle, and it picked up the light yet flavorful pork broth so well.  Oh and by the way, this bowl of goodness only sets you back $7.50, so you'll have plenty of allowance for some sake and beer!

Saturday Sips at Dripp Coffee Bar

Fullerton | Orange County


My girlfriend and I have started a little Saturday ritual of retreating in coffee shops and enjoying each other's company.  She would catch up on her schoolwork, while I would read my assortment of books and work on photos.  It's our way squeezing in a little productivity on the weekends while still exploring some pockets of neighborhoods. Dripp Coffee Bar in Fullerton was the perfect place to spend our Saturday sips. The space is warm and cozy with lots of natural light, making it a perfect environment to work or catch up over a cup of coffee.  Afterwards we squeezed in a mini photo shoot in the small alleyways of Downtown Fullerton.   Are we extra? Probably. 


Lost in Laguna

Laguna Beach | Orange County


I've lived in Southern California my whole life, and it still amazes me that its a Sunday in January with 80 degree weather and clear skies.  Seriously, what a blessing it is to live in this one spot of the world.  I spent a relaxing Sunday exploring Laguna beach with my dear friend Hillary.  It was the perfect weather to grab a double scoop of tiramisu and pistachio gelato from Gelato Paradiso and hop around the small boutiques, art galleries, and cafes that filled the streets of small town Laguna.  This small beach town is perfect for a little weekend escape. The gelato alone is worth it!


Cheers to another great weekend ahead!