Coachella 2017! 

2017 marks the first time I've joined in on the ultimate music festival in the desert.  I was a late bloomer as a concert-goer, with my first being in 2014 for One Republic's Native Tour.  That very first concert got me hooked. Nothing beats being in the same presence as your favorite artists performing with such live and raw talent.  Feeling the energy of the crowd escalating with every song played is a feeling like no other.  Above all, sharing these experiences with friends have made some of the best memories of my life. 

Music is such an amazing art.  It is soulful, transcends, and brings life . It is what feelings sound like. Most importantly to me, it fills me with nostalgia.  When I hear classic rock from the likes of The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, I am reminded of Sunday mornings at home where my dad would dig through his collection of vinyls and play one as we eat breakfast.  When I hear iconic 90s jams, I am brought back to my teenage years or even road trips where my friends and I would karaoke to what we consider the throwbacks of our generation.  

Coachella delivered, no doubt about it. The festival was stacked with every genre of music imaginable:  Two Door Cinema Club kept the crowd upbeat, Travis Scott was LIT,  Lady Gaga brought out everyone's inner diva, and even Hans Zimmer moved the audience with blockbuster musical scores.  My personal favorites were the experimental yet orchestral vibes of Radiohead, the modern neo-soul of NAO, the youthful anthems of Lorde, and the explosive bangers of Kendrick Lamar. 

Coachella as a whole was nostalgic.  I was fortunate to be accompanied with friends both old and new to enjoy nothing but music and good company. We opted to do car camping, which for many of us was our first "camping" experience (yes i know, there are showers and plenty of food stands to go around, but we still consider it legit "camping").  I loved it.  You are immersed in an environment full of festival goers that want nothing but good vibes and booze... lots and lots of booze.  Nothing beats waking up to a morning beer with your friends and neighbors, playing music by the Coachella acts to come later that day, and taking a 10 min leisure stroll into the festival grounds from your campsite. 

In the festival grounds itself, the party continues with soundwaves of performing bands coming from all directions, beer gardens and bars conveniently next to other stages, and surprisingly delicious foods from some iconic southern California eateries.  Art installations are scattered throughout the festival as well, which make perfect photo-ops for the snaps/instagrams, and more importantly a nice place to chill, catch some shade, and cool down from the high desert heat.  


Overall, Coachella was fun and worth it!  With good company and amazing music, you can't go wrong.  If there is any opportunity to go, without a doubt take it and enjoy one of the greatest moments of your life!  I can't wait to see what the future festival vibes will bring.