Museum of Ice Cream


I scream, you scream, we all scream for.... a museum? of ice cream?  

Yes, that's right! The Arts District of Los Angeles is now home to a museum dedicated to arguably the sweetest culinary art of all time. 

For many, ice cream is my life companion.  This treat keeps you cool when you're feeling like a hot mess. supports you through tough and emotional times, and always gives you a happy ending (...after dinner of course).  However, for myself, ice cream is more than just an instantly gratifying dessert. It's nostalgic to my childhood. I'm taken back to days after school enjoying a scoop of Baskin Robbins or Rite Aid ice cream with my dad and sister as we shared what we learned in school that day. I'm reminded of Saturday afternoons at home waiting to hear the ice cream truck play its song as it passed by the neighborhood, suddenly giving the block life as all the families come out to claim their Choco Tacos, Rocket Pops, Pink Panthers, and Big Dippers.  The Museum of Ice Cream does just that: it brings back those 'sweet' memories in a fun and creative way!

Just when you think ice cream is an art by itself, ice cream inspired art installations are literally sprinkled all throughout the museum floor.  The museum is laid out as a series of rooms, with each room holding its own unique, fun, and sometimes even interactive exhibit.  While many museums strictly prohibit any touching of the art, the museum of ice cream instead invites its museum-goers to fully dive into the art.  Yes, there is a pool of sprinkles that you can literally dip into and toss around! 

Photos and videos are also highly encouraged!  So dress your basic best and take as many pictures as you'd like to ensure you leave with the perfect instagram!  Let's be honest, you've probably heard about this place through instagram, right?


Let's not forget about the most important part of this museum: the ice cream!  Keep your sugar rush going with different ice creams, candies, or chocolates as you go through each room!  

The Museum of Ice Cream is the perfect way to spend a summer day in LA!  This is a pop-up museum that is in LA for a limited time. So gather your friends, take your family, drag out your loved ones, or even 'treat' yourself out!