Osteria La Buca

Osteria La Buca

A Quiet Italian Brunch with Food that Speaks Volumes

5210 Melrose Ave | Larchmont

There are two things that are true about the people of LA: they love brunch and they fear carbs. But as scary as carbs may sound, you know deep down inside that carbs give you the most comfort.  Carbs are warm and inviting. They might seem hard at first, but you know deep down that they're a softy. They are there for you to fill that void--yes I am talking about your empty stomach.  So when I heard Osteria La Buca serves their hand-made pastas with $10 bottles of prosecco for a Sunday brunch, you know I had to be there.  Carbs and brunch are the perfect marriage, and I'm here to officiate this. 


Osteria La Buca captures the essence of a true Italian osteria - a casual and comfy environment to gather with friends and family over wine and simple food.  There is absolutely no problem getting a table, which is surprising as the food they serve is among the best in the city. Osteria La Buca prides itself in simplicity. Dishes are made using only the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced from their own West LA farm or from the local farmer's market.  Osteria La Buca pays tribute to Italian tradition while also representing California in style through fresh, local, and quality ingredients.  Osteria La Buca is truly LA's best kept secret. 


Now, onto the food.  For brunch, we opted for the following dishes: 

1)  Baked Eggs in Terracotta - two eggs nestled in a spicy tomato sauce, garnished with fresh parsley, and served with goat cheese toast to dig in.  

2) Bucatini Carbonara - hand-made bucatini pasta with house pancetta, a poached egg, and fresh cracked pepper. Quite possibly the best pasta you can have for breakfast!

You honestly can't go wrong with any dish listed here. Every dish is crafted with simple ingredients and prepared in a way that makes these ingredients shine. 


Osteria La Buca is that go-to place that you know will always satisfy.  When you discover that one of the best pasta makers in this city has a brunch offering, take no second guess and get yourself a table at Osteria La Buca.